In addition to my weekly classes, I work with students in a variety of capacities to meet their needs, where they are.  Every body, mind, and breath is unique and it’s my belief that acknowledging these differences allows us to develop a consistent yoga practice that is most effective for the individual.  Independent sessions can be tailored for one person, a small group, or as part of a corporate wellness program.


​1:1 Sessions are suitable for students of any age/experience and are relevant to students who desire to enhance a specific part of their practice, explore their special mind/body needs, are newcomers, and/or are students who don’t feel comfortable practicing in a class setting.


Together we assess what’s happening in your Being and create a practice that is suited to your individualized needs. We take into consideration your past, present, and future selves then set intentions for each session and for the arc of our work together.  


My goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where the student can feel at ease in their practice and to evolve in their practice.



Enjoy all the benefits of 1:1 training with two or three of your closest friends!  It’s fun to experiment with a specific yogic practice in a private setting and even more fun to share the expense.


Yoga in the workplace can reduce stress, improve posture, prevent aches and pains, and improve morale.  Your Corporate Wellness Program includes private group sessions led conveniently in your boardroom or office facilities.  


These sessions can range from a simple 30-minute chair yoga sequence to full hour vinyasa classes.  All classes can be modified for all experience levels and will help your employees resume their work with more efficiency, productivity, and grace.

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As part of your Corporate Wellness Program or onboard your private jet, I’m happy to offer In & Pre-Flight Yoga.  


As the world grows smaller, we’re asked to be present in many different places, which often means jumping onto a plane and taking off to another time and space.  These journeys wreak havoc on the neck, shoulder, back, hips and legs, while the lack of humidity in the cabin can also lead to dehydration, which causes jet-lag and muscle cramps.


Yoga, meditation, and nidra aptly prepare the body for what lies ahead so that when you arrive at your final destination you are focused and able to gracefully adapt to your new surroundings with ease.  Whether you’re preparing for an international, cross-country, or a simple one-hour jaunt, I’m happy to prepare you for success wherever you may land.


"Definitely above expectations. Thank you so much!"

Carole L. of Marseille while in NYC

"Seriously one of the best teachers I've found. Honestly, I did not want to go to yoga today, but I showed up anyway knowing she would let me stay in child's pose the whole damn class if I needed. My focus was all over the place. I wobbled more than usual. Then in savasana she did this grounding thing with my feet and I felt the tears stream down the sides of my face. Whaat?! What was I holding on to? I laid in savasana with my own sweat and tears on the mat. Emptied out. Thank you."

Jamie D. of Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you Allie! Your yoga class was wonderful.  I've had an awful travel experience the last 50 hours and this class hit the spot. I normally don't do yoga at all,  (if you recall, I actually said "I don't like yoga" before the class started), but your class was easy to follow and clear in direction as to what I needed to be doing/thinking/breathing/focusing on. It is a perfect match for travelers. You recognized the stresses with traveling and tuned your class to fit our needs.  I literally felt the tension of the past hours disappear. You might have converted me into a yoga person!

 (Just don't tell anyone).

Brad Z. of Salt Lake City en route to Milan via NYC

"Great way to start the day"

Erin R. of Brooklyn, NY

©2019 by Allison Jane. Photography by Kevin Aime.